Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment does the Library accept? The Library accepts cash, check and money order.

Does the Library help with tax preparation? Library staff do not assist with tax preparation. During tax season AARP uses the Library facilities for their tax preparation program.

Does the Library have Wi-Fi available? The Library has free Wi-Fi available during regular business hours.

Does the Library offer wireless or color printing? The Library does not have wireless printing or color printing.

Does the Library have a copy machine? A copy machine is available at the Library. The copy machine is made available by The Friends of the Orange Public Library, Inc., and offers both black and color copying options.

Does the Library accept magazine and/or book donations? The Library does accept gently used books, magazines, and DVD’s by appointment. Please call 409-883-1086 to schedule your donation appointment.

Does the Library provide faxing or scanning services? The Library does not provide faxing or scanning services at this time.